HIT Team impact on healthcare with VR

Wavelength VR is honoured to be working with Professor Bob Stone and the HIT Team at The University of Birmingham. Nicknamed ‘The Grandfather of VR’ Bob has been working in virtual reality since the 1970’s. He has worked with NASA, he’s pioneered projects for the Armed Forces in the UK, Canada, and Australia, and he has won multiple national and international awards for his Virtual Reality and Telepresence efforts.

Patients recovering from major surgery are being given the chance to cycle the Devon coast path from their hospital bed.

Researchers from the Human Interface Technologies (HIT) have developed a virtual reality cycling program.

They are now working alongside medical professionals at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital to help patients in their recovery.

It took the team over three years to design and develop 'Virtual Wembury', which is based on the village on the south coast of Devon.

Professor Robert Stone who has been working in the field for 30 years, chose the area because he was born and bred there, and the combination of green, sand, and sea makes it an attractive landscape for VR.

The virtual reality program has been designed to enable doctors and nurses here to use it alongside traditional rehabilitation techniques. If this trial is successful, they are hoping that it might be used in other hospitals across the UK.

What we think at Wavelength VR:

Unique to the HIT Team at Birmingham University is their own line of research into Virtual Restorative Environments. They are addressing how to exploit virtual re-creations of areas of natural beauty to help patients recover from traumatic incidents (including operations), and improve the wellbeing of other patients.  Wavelength VR is thrilled to become a part of that research! Our first VR experience ‘BEYOND’ is a garden setting which aims to promote stress reduction and even reduce postoperative recovery times and the need for pharmaceutical pain relief.

Watch this space…

Link: http://www.itv.com/news/central/2017-07-13/virtual-reality-project-helping-patients-to-cycle-the-coast-path/